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Mike Camoin

Filmmaker Mike Camoin is best known for his independent documentary series on Adirondack culture, Inside the Blue Line: Leadley's Legacy and How to Make an Adirondack Packbasket, both of which have screened in northeastern U.S. and Canadian television markets.   As writer, producer, director, Camoin is the creator of such short films as Ruler of Life and Crossing the Whitestone.  His current works-in-progress include documentaries From the Mountaintop: The History of Adirondack Fire Towers to be narrated by David Ogden Stiers; and Crossgates, the story of how a local citizens group thwarted the efforts of a billion dollar corporation. Projects in development include a dramatic comedy entitled Grazing Miss Albany, set in the historic Miss Albany Diner.  His film, The Battles of Saratoga, is widely distributed to home and educational markets across the U.S.

A leader in independent film in upstate New York, Mike Camoin is a founding member and former president of Upstate Independents, Inc. a salon network of the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers (AIVF) in Albany, NY.  His company, Videos For Change Productions, is a member of the RPI Incubator program in Troy, NY. Holding a Masters in Social Work, Camoin has also studied directing and film distribution.

The filmmaker resides with his wife, Linda, and daughter, Isabelle in upstate, New York.  He disappears to the Adirondack Mountains to hibernate as often as possible.

For more info about the filmmaker Mike Camoin visit www.videosforchange.com

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